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Top Tips for Online Learning

Updated: May 16, 2021

Online schooling may have shaken the educational world up but one thing we know for sure is that it is here to stay.  

Nearly 1.5 billion children were affected by school closure according to Unicef  but with many schools returning around the world for the start of the new academic year we are all aware that another lockdown could be just around the corner and what this ultimately means.  This time however we will be better prepared, both mentally and remotely.  

For those of us yet to get back to bricks and mortar we can fine tune the skills needed to continue with online learning and for those already back in school, here is a refresher:


- Clutter Free

In order for optimised learning make sure your child has a desk or workspace that is clutter free. Minimise distractions in the designated learning environment, and ensure it is a calm and quiet area for learning.

- In the Mix

We all know sitting in front of a screen for hours on end dulls the senses and decreases attention span. Variety is the key here, from virtual online learning, interactive features and offline activities - it is important to realise that it is not all online learning which contributes to the education of a child. 

- Jump To It

Children need to expel energy and if they are locked in front of a screen all day this may impact on the good quality sleep they are getting at night.  Make sure exercise is built into the day in some way, a walk, a treasure hunt, a quick aerobic exercise.  If you are unable to be with them and guide them, set small challenges that they can do themselves and make it fun! Research has shown that children learn more quickly after aerobic exercise, not only does it reduce stress but it improves motivation. 

- Reach Out

Social interaction is a key development stage and children are no exception. Where they would normally be laughing and running around with their friends in the playground, has been replaced with a cold screen separating them from hanging out with their pals. Who hasn’t seen the image of the young girl in tears at her computer at the start of term as she sees her friends on zoom once again for lessons. If allowed, make time for social interaction, whether that be in your bubble or outside at a socially acceptable distance. Laughing does wonders for the soul, so let them reach out and have fun with their friends after school for their mental well being.

- Brain Food

Don’t forget correct hydration and healthy snacks; its all too easy to reach for the sweet things. Proper breaks is also vital to allow the brain to keep focused. Short sharp bursts is better than long drawn out intense sessions.

- Check-In

Teachers, students and parents alike are all trying to find their way through the minefield of online learning. Make sure you reach out to the teachers for any concerns you have or challenges that your child may be facing and to check on their progress as one size of online learning does certainly not fit all.

- Creatures of Habit

Ever wondered why there is a uniform or why the school day is so organised?  Its all about routines which children like. It gives them a structure to follow each day otherwise they may feel like they are floating without any sense of purpose.  Sit down and discuss a routine with them so they know what to expect each day both during school and after lessons have finished.

- High Five

Motivation is key - endless months of online learning and missing out being with friends can be hard and its important that we support them at home by guiding them and encouraging progress.  The road ahead seems long but they will feel far more accomplished if you re-iterate how far they have come and what they have ultimately learnt. 


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