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How your child can benefit from personalised learning with ISS International School

Updated: May 16, 2021

One of the discussions we find ourselves constantly having with families is about how well their chosen school ‘knows’ their children and whether they feel that their child’s learning is individualised. So we are always delighted to hear about schools actively putting personalised learning at the forefront of their education delivery.

ISS International School, a co-ed IB World school in Singapore, recently talked us through their Learning Accelerator® programme and how it places the student at the heart of their own personalised learning journey.


Created on the basis of leading education and educational psychology research, the new ISS Learning Accelerator® programme is a powerful tool that assists students in setting their personalised approaches to learning strategies as well as community goals.

Focussing on how individual students learn, tools are used to self-identify strengths and weaknesses. Areas for development are discussed with students and parents, priorities established and a personalised learning plan is drawn up by students with the help of teachers.

"I really wanted to do something to get better in writing so having the accelerator goal helped me stay focused" ISS IB PYP Student

Designed to enhance independent learning and positive habit forming actions, the ISS Learning Accelerator® encourages learner agency, recognising the students voice and allowing them to lead their academic and community goal setting decisions, in collaboration with their teachers and parents.

This non-competitive strategy creates a safe and supportive space for learners to enhance the importance of learning techniques and creativity, guided by adults that truly understand their needs and potential.

“The Learning Accelerator programme gives teachers and students a chance to work collaboratively on student goal setting, growth mindset, and balanced lifestyle. My students have shown growth in engagement, self-management skills, and enthusiasm towards their learning in various subject areas.“ ISS High School IB MYP Teacher

All ISS students, Kindergarten to Grade 12 benefit from The Learning Accelerator tools following its launch school wide in August 2020.

To find out more about ISS International School and The Learner Accelerator Programme contact their admissions team here:

ISS International School

21 Preston Road Singapore 109355

+65 6475 4188

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