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Meet Craig Considine, CEO Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Three years into his role as CEO of Tanglin Trust School, Craig Considine talks to us about the importance of a holistic education and how Tanglin is shaping that.

How long have you been in Singapore and where were you prior to this?

My wife, Penny, and I came to Singapore in 2018. We have five children who between them work in Melbourne, Australia and London, UK so Singapore is an obvious place for us to be located between them all. The chance to work in a world class school such as Tanglin was a great opportunity to make it all happen.

Prior to joining Tanglin, I had been Headmaster at Millfield School in the UK for ten years. My role as a CEO at Tanglin sits in a somewhat different space where my excellent Heads of School are charged with overseeing the broad educational programme with the children and I am really more involved in understanding where we are at as a whole, and how we ensure a world class and coherent experience as students move through each of our schools.

You’ve talked about students having a holistic education. Can you explain what you mean and how you are achieving this at Tanglin?

If we look at the umbrella of being a world class school, it is about having an aspiration for excellence in everything that we do. At present we have pockets of excellence happening all over the school in academics, in sport and in music; I would like to bring this together as a more coherent whole. When you create more opportunities to bring people together in a different environment - more ensembles, more recitals and co-curricular activities - children see beyond school and teachers see children beyond their classroom.

This gives a more rounded perspective, which results in a total education that is better for the children.

We are putting in place a team of Directors – Directors of Pastoral Care, Co-Curriculum, Learning, Sport and more – who will support our Heads of Schools to coordinate these programmes through Infant, Junior and Seniors, and ensure there is an alignment in terms of what we are doing across the schools.

“It’s not about bringing in something totally new, it’s about bringing people together in a different way, having the conversations to bring about more positive outcomes in support of the children.”

And how do you take the parents on this journey?

Parents in Singapore are very busy. We understand that. We support their aspirations and provide opportunities for us to work in an authentic partnership. Through our Friends of Tanglin programme, we offer a number of points of connection. This includes our Friends of Sport and Friends of the Arts, and we hope that if we can collectively tap into individual passions, we can connect and bring parents and school together. At the same time, we can leverage on the many skills and experience within our Tanglin community to enhance students' learning even further.

Cohesion is really important in a community that is diverse and continually evolving, both at Tanglin and in the wider context of Singapore. Singapore's agenda for cohesive economic and social development is reflected in our international student and parent body; a community that has grown from a British base to embrace over 50 different nationalities, brought together by the shared values of respect, responsibility and purpose. The more we work as one to provide a holistic education, the better prepared our students are for the ever-changing world ahead.


Established in 1925, Tanglin Trust School is the oldest British international school in South East Asia. Tanglin provides the English National Curriculum with an international perspective to children from 3 to 18 years in Singapore.

Tanglin is a vibrant co-educational school of 2,800 students representing over 50 nationalities and provides a unique learning environment for children from Nursery right through to Sixth Form. As a not-for-profit school, tuition fees are solely devoted to the provision of an outstanding education.

As the only international school in Singapore to offer A Levels and the IB Diploma in Sixth Form, all of Tanglin’s Sixth Formers study a programme that is tailored both to the subjects they are passionate about and to the style of learning that most suits them, ensuring they thrive and flourish.

In August 2020, Spear’s Magazine listed Tanglin Trust School as one of the Top 10 schools in South East Asia. Tanglin has also been listed this year as one of the Top 20 IB schools globally.

Find out more about Tanglin Trust School admissions here


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