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Meet Ben Dixon, Head of Junior School, Kellett School Hong Kong

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

We chat to Ben Dixon, Prep School Head at Kellett School, Pok Fu Lam campus, to find out what skills Kellett School instills in their students, the path he took to be where he is today, and his new 'go to' place in the 852.

What was the journey you took to living out in Asia?

I began my teaching career in London and had always wanted to live, work and travel abroud ( watched too Alan Whicker and Michael Palin documentaries ). After working in UK for over 10 years I moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to join BISHCM where I stayed for 7 years. I returned to take up Headship in the UK and after 6 successful years in Hampshire, Asia came calling again. An advert came up for a Headship at Kellett, a school I had been aware of when in Vietnam.

There weren’t many schools that would have tempted me, but after meeting the Principal Ann McDonald (OBE) I was destined to become Head of the PFL campus and have not looked back since that moment over 5 years ago.

What or where is your favourite place / hidden treasure to go in the 852?

I have recently been exploring Pat Sin Leng and Plover Cove high up in the Northern Territories. I love exploring and trekking around the so called ‘ghost villages’ formerly inhabited by the Hakka people. As a keen photographer, it’s a great place to get off the beaten track and experience something different to the Urban landscape of the island. A great place to escape.

Who or what inspired you to get into education?

A mixture of the good, the bad and ugly…a poor experience of not being motivated by some of my teachers (no names - though tempting!) and being told I wasn’t ‘bright’ or ‘clever’ enough to achieve at a higher level. Remembering some of the teachers who did inspire me, thinking about why and how they got the best out of me. No student deserves a bad teacher and so decided I would try and become a good one.

Favourite subject at school?


If you weren’t head of school Pok Fu Lam prep , what would your dream job be? Photographer working for Magnum.

Your favourite school moment whilst being in your current position?

Impossible question to answer – but seeing students return to school after an extended period of home learning was both emotional and poignant. Schools are very empty places without students creating the dynamic that makes them unique and special.

Best thing about your school?

People, people and people. The spin and rub of each day being different and the little and big people that make it such a fabulous place to be.

In one sentence, what is your school’s ethos?

A love of learning and confidence for life!

What skills do you equip children with at the primary level in Kellett to allow them to become internationally minded global citizens?

We have developed a Kellett Learner Profile which captures what we believe students of the future need to be equipped with – some of those skills and attributes are being tested to the full as we experience the impact of the current pandemic. Key skills for internationally minded global citizens, respect for each other and the environment; a sense of gratitude, humility and being kind, desire and mindset to always be curious (be an explorers and adventurers in your own back yard)


Kellett School, The British International School in Hong Kong, was founded over forty years ago as a Not-for-Profit Association. It has two preparatory schools one in Kowloon Bay and one in Pok Fu Lam and both of these prep schools provide children with the perfect learning environment in which they can enjoy and embrace school life.

Kellett School has earned an enviable reputation as one of the finest international schools in Hong Kong, providing an outstanding education across the two campuses. From Reception through to Year 13, we aim to engender 'a love of learning and confidence for life' in all our students.

Kellett School are holding a Virtual Open Evening for the Prep School on Thursday 11th March at 6pm via Zoom. To find out more, or to register please click here.


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